The Maltings in York

The Clementhorpe Maltings in York photographed for Kohler
A really interesting case study photographed for Kohler to use on their website. It is a property developed by Northminster Limited who have carefully refurbished the building to provide 6 high quality apartments which incorporate many original features of the late 19th century grade 2 listed building. The Clementhorpe Maltings were operated by the Tadcaster Tower Brewery in 1895 and it was used by them up until 1950's. All accessed from the stunning 20ft high open 3 storey entrance atrium housing the original working machinery including the Nalder & Nalder seed dressing machine, bucket lift elevator, steep, grain hopper and ‘taking in’ door winch machinery, all arranged over the original quarry tile floor. Meanwhile at the southern entrance there is located the original H. J. H. King furnace, it is the survival of this early King furnace which makes this building so important as it is thought to be the only one of its kind.002_themaltingsyork003_themaltingsyork004_themaltingsyork005_themaltingsyork006_themaltingsyork007_themaltingsyork008_themaltingsyork009_themaltingsyork010_themaltingsyork011_themaltingsyork012_themaltingsyork013_themaltingsyork014_themaltingsyork015_themaltingsyork016_themaltingsyork017_themaltingsyork018_themaltingsyork019_themaltingsyork020_themaltingsyork021_themaltingsyork022_themaltingsyork023_themaltingsyork
This is a HJH King furnace and is believed to be the only one still surviving